International Admission Services
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International Admission Services is an admission and counseling firm which is officialy autorized by Universities in Romania and Bulgaria. Students can choose general medicine, dentistry or economics and now more specialities. The firm is carrying out itМисияWe think considering admission in a foreign country can be very challenging for both parents and children and as a result of it many students drop their dream of desired degree. Many questions such as living expenditures, Recognition of University degree, tuition fee, social life etc. makes it very difficult to reach a decision. Many students compromise to go ahead with different degree options while some wait to improve their grades with a hope for admission in coming year.
International Admission Services well understand the problems confronted by many applicants and decided to give them quality services in this domain by providing them all the necessary information and required counseling for admission in Eastern European Universities which provide high quality education standards offered at affordable tuition fees. The degrees granted by the Universities are recognized by all international bodies such as WHO, GMC etc. making it an ideal option.
Our Aim is to facilitate all the admission formalities and initial settlement in respective cities. We feel confident to provide the below listed services to all our applicants.